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A Snapshot of My Life this Week

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Wow, what a full week. This blog post takes a little departure from weeks past, and in this post, I am sharing some real-life challenges, wins, and gratitude. This picture even shows the challenges with a messy kitchen and the recycle bin in the background! But it also shows a win because my girls are helping with dinner by washing vegetables! So there you go; a picture that represents my week 🙂 


First off, my big girl turned nine this week. So, I’m feeling all the things about my little girl growing up. It seems like just yesterday when we brought her home and wondered what we were even supposed to do with a baby. She’s a spitfire for sure and beats to the tune of her own drum. She always has. She’s creative, energetic, and delightful. She includes everyone and is a great friend. I am proud of the little girl she has become. On the flip side, though, she’s fiercely independent and operates by the ask for forgiveness, not permission philosophy. Which also makes parenting a challenge! I think I’m also reflecting on the fact that she is nine, and that means that she’s halfway through her childhood and time with us before college. That seems crazy. It makes me terrified to think of how many life skills I still need to teach her before she leaves us and goes out into the world on her own. So, after her birthday, I am feeling a little sappy about the fact that she’s growing up. Plus, it’s been a week of doing extra things like a family party and planning a friend party.


This week was also full because of the two-year-old terror (aka kid number 2). She’s in this phase where she is continuously getting into things, dumping things out, and moving on to the next thing. Which makes a constant mess no matter how hard I try to stay on top of it. She’s not napping but still needs one, which makes for lots of battles because she’s overtired. So, I’ve also been dealing with her this week, which has added chaos to regular life. She’s also in this throwing things phase, so you need to be careful, or she’ll come right up to you and throw something in your face. I mean, it’s great that she’s coordinated enough to throw but ouch!


I know this is all usual stuff and that overall we are blessed to be healthy and happy. I’m not complaining! I’m reflecting on my kids growing up, the chaos of being a mom, and trying to keep the big picture in mind. There are challenges for sure, but that’s parenting for you.


In terms of wins, I am working on a big project that has got me all jazzed up. I am getting my health coaching work off the ground and have been putting in a lot of time on developing a new health coaching program. It won’t be released until Spring, but I am having so much fun figuring out how to take my work to the next level to help natural mamas. I’m passionate about supporting women to live their best life as a mom, wife, professional, friend, and still be able to have some energy for themselves. If you are interested in hearing more send me an email at rachel@seedsandstalks.com


Another win that I am celebrating this week is teaching my first class at my local community college. I taught a class on Essential Oils for Winter Wellness, and it was so fun. I had eager students who made a bunch of essential oil recipes. In the course, we explored different essential oils, talked about my natural healing pyramid, and students learned practical strategies to keep themselves healthy. It was a blast.


Lastly, my gratitude for the week is for my family supporting me in all my crazy business ideas. I’ve now started three businesses. I closed one in 2017 and was not successful in transitioning it to another person. One, which I began in 2010, is still going strong. And my newest venture, Seeds, and Stalks, is blossoming. My family has always been by my side and super supportive, and I am truly grateful. I am also thankful for my community of friends who inspired my work to help mama’s in the crazy stage of life take back their energy and live a vibrant life.

If you feel so inspired, I would love to hear about your challenges, wins, and gratitude. Feel free to write me back or share it on my Facebook page!


Well that’s life lately! I’m posting weekly on my blog so stay tuned for more articles, recipes, and updates!




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