What I Offer

Personalized herbal education and coaching so you can become a confident family herbalist. You’ll learn practical and effective herbal remedies to support your health and the health of your family.


We will work together to develop an individualized learning plan based on your herbal interests and needs. Looking at your individual health and the most common concerns for you and your family we will develop herbal protocols for you to follow so that you’ll know what to do when health challenges arise.


A common concern is making time for and having the energy to learn how to use herbs (on top of everything else you are doing). You’ll learn how to set boundaries, maximize your study efforts, and learn 15-20 herbs (not hundreds!) that you can rely on in most situations. You’ll also learn how to use reliable herbal references so that if a one off situation comes up, you can have a reputable source to turn to.


We will hone your decision making skills so that when something comes up, you can think your way to the best possible solution.


You’ll work with me inside a 3-6 month herbal coaching container. We will meet monthly one-to-one and monthly as a group so that we can learn together. In addition, you’ll have access to me on Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) so that you can get your questions answered in real time (Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm PST).


You’ll also have access to my online courses:

  • The Fatigue Breakthrough Method ($197)
  • Building Your Own Apothecary ($27)
  • 5-Day Energy Kickstart


3-month coaching package: $597

6-month coaching package: $997


Professional Consultation

Do you want to try out coaching and get to know me better before committing to a package?


Let’s meet one-on-one to talk about your apothecary – how to set it up best for you and what herbs to include. During this call we’ll also discuss your herbal journey and goals.

You’ll come away with a list of 20 herbs to start with in your apothecary based on your specific needs, where to store your herbs in your house and what to store them in, and my tips and tricks for using them practically and effectively!

Calls are 90 minutes long.

Have questions? Email me and let's set up a time to chat!

What should I expect when working with Rachel?

My commitment to you is that you will confidently learn to use herbs practically, safely and effectively to positively impact your health (and the health of your family). 

We will spend our one-to-one sessions working together on what you want to learn. During our first session, we will develop a personalized learning plan based on your interests (I will provide a list of possible learning/focus topics/learning areas). This can include specific conditions, herbs, protocols, herbal preparations, formulating, or anything else that you would like to discuss. Your personalized learning plan may include recommendations for other herbal references and/or homework between sessions.

Our sessions will be a blend of coaching and consulting. I will be consulting and educating based on my expertise and knowledge. We will also be looking at your thought processes and decision making and I’ll coach you on how to think about using herbs so that you can build your confidence.

During the group calls I will answer pre-submitted herbal questions so that we can discuss and learn from others. There will be time to talk through any roadblocks or challenges that you are facing. Additionally, we will also have mini learning sessions during those calls on a specific herbal topic.

During Voxer hours, you can send me questions that come up in the moment and I’ll answer within 24 hours.

Professional Consultation

 Herbal Education and Coaching is right for you if:


  • You are committed to natural health and are curious about using herbs to support your health (you aren’t against western medicine but you want to learn what you can do to supplement your health) How much time would you get back because you don’t have to go to the doctor as much?


  • You want to learn how to use herbs but don’t know where to start (you don’t want to take year long programs and learn hundreds of herbs. You just want to know what to do to keep your family healthy.) What if you could learn 15-20 versatile herbs and practical, easy remedies to turn to like an old friend?


  • You want to know what to do when your kids get sick (there’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t know what to do or how to help when your littles aren’t feeling well.) What if you knew tried and true remedies, protocols, and how to comfort them to support their body through common childhood illnesses?


  • You value personal relationships and want to work with a partner to learn about herbs (rather than be a number in a self-study course). What if you could actually ask a question and have an experienced herbalist personally answer?


  • You want support and accountability so that you actually integrate and implement what you learn. You want to learn practical and easy ways to use herbs then use them. Not just learn theory.

Natural Solutions for you and your family

You’ll learn how to use herbs, essential oils, nutrition, lifestyle, and mind/body techniques so you can take care of yourself and your family.


We will work together to keep your learning on track and problem solve when needed.

Personalized Plans

You are unique! Your personalized learning plan will focus on areas and topics that you are interested in.

Let’s boost your herbal confidence together!

Let’s get started!

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